Globe Trotting

The prospect of joining U.N. peacekeepingrnmissions has prompted more people to join Sri Lankas army, which has beenrnsuffering from a troop shortage, military officials said Friday.rn
After two decades of brutal civil war, this countrys army has beenrnplagued by desertions. Officials have struggled to get recruits for thernforce, which is supposed to have 100,000 members.rn

rn But a recent monthlong recruitment drive was a success, said the drivesrndirector, Brig. Srinath Rajapakse.rn

rn “The response was more than the required number,” he said, adding thatrnthe target number had been 4,000. “Possible international exposure couldrnhave played a major role to enhance recruitment.”rn

rn About 750 Sri Lankan soldiers will go to Haiti next month as part of arnU.N. mission to help restore stability after the February ouster ofrnpresident Jean Bertrand Aristide, said Maj. Gen. Parami Kulatunga.rn

rn Sri Lanka has so far sent peacekeeping troops on two U.N. peacekeeping,rnmissions, both in Af

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