Going Blue

Sri Lanka may have missed the bus with the green revolution, but the blue can work in the islands favour, say local scientists.
With hungry mouths increasing faster than food production, the world is looking to a lquote blue revolution to provide some of the solutions.rn

rn”Most scientists are now of the opinion the green revolution has reached its limits,” says CEO Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) A M Mubarak.rn

rnThe alternatives, he explains addressing a seminar on fisheries on Thursday, are to resort to bio-technology or look to the worlds water bodies to keep increasing food production.rn

rnTo Sri Lankans, the shift from green to blue, have other implications than its obvious political connotations.rn

rnThe growing populations among developing countries will see fish consumption shoot up by 57 percent within the next 20 years, compared to the four-percent growth in the developed world.rn

rnWith 57 percent of world fish stocks already depleted, future demand will be met manly throug

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