Going Fishing

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Monday committed US$ 20 million for the project implemented through the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources and the National Aquaculture Development Authority.rn

rnThe project aims improve food security and reduce poverty by developing model aquaculture and fish processing enterprises that would help increase inland fisheries and aquaculture production. rn

rnThe initiative will cover five different areas inland fisheries and aquaculture development, fish quality improvement and marketing, facilitation of access to credit, institutional strengthening, and project management.rn

rnAn ADB release says that the project will increase production of freshwater fish and other aquatic products, improve the quality and increase consumption of inland fish, improve access to credit, and strengthen the capacity of the National Aquaculture Development Authority and other sector institutions. rn

rnThe ADB also expects the project to promote investments by small- and medium-scal