Good Cheques

Oct 15, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Sampath Bank has started a new current account facility for longstanding customers in a bid to discourage cheque returns and boost the currency of the bank’s cheques, officials said. “We want people to recognize that these cheques are as good as cash,” Sampath Bank chief executive designate Harris Premaratne said.

In Sri Lanka bouncing cheques have become a problem for the payment system and the central bank and commercial banks are moving to discourage the practice.

When economic conditions become tough, as now, cheque returns tend to increase.

Sampath’s head of marketing, Tharaka Ranwala, says the Sampath ‘Supreme’ branded accounts would be given to customers who have been with the bank for more than 10 years and have had no cheque returns during the past three years.

Supreme customers would also get lower charges on their current accounts.