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Aug 04 (LBO) – Popular Internet search engine Google has given the Lanka Software Foundation 25,000 dollars to drive open source software projects locally.

Much of the funds will go towards new research and development projects, including work with open source database MySQL, the foundation said in a statement on Friday.

œTo date the Lanka Software Foundation (LSF) has been severely restricted in the kinds of projects it could start because of funding restrictions, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, Co-Founder and Executive Director of LSF said.

œWe hope to use this generous Google donation to seed a series of new R&D projects- starting with an effort around Apache Geronimo and also the popular open source database MySQL.

Sri Lankan developers have been active in driving a number of open source projects, especially at the Apache Software Foundation, LSF said.

Open source software such as the Linux operating system, where users can view and access source code to customize IT solutions, has gained a lot of attention as an alternate way to develop and distribute software.

For developing countries, open source offers the cost benefi

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