Government plans new coins to commemorate religious anniversary

Feb. 21 (LBO) — Sri Lanka’s Central Bank is preparing to issue two new coins commemorating the 2550th ‘Bhuddha Jayanthi’, a top official of the Religious Affairs Ministry said Tuesday. The ministry of religious affairs says one coin would be high value commemorative coin while the other would be released into circulation.

The coins issued in 1957 to commemorate the 2500th Buddha Jayanthi, or the 2500th year of the Buddhist calendar, have become highly priced collector’s items among numismatists now.

The Buddhist calendar starts with the passing away of the Lord Bhudda which is known as Parinirvana or eternal bliss by the Lord Buddha.

One of the new commemorative coins to be issued this year would have a value of Rs2550.

A top official of the ministry for religious affairs said the coins would be made of gold plated silver.

A second that is to be released into circulation, would have a face value of 5 rupees.

The obverse of the coin would feature the government seal, while the reverse would feature the Adam’s peak and emperor Ashoka’s pillar.

The ministry of religious affairs says the government is hoping to release the coins on the upcoming Vesak Poya day, which falls in May.

-Ishara M Gamage:

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