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The government is going to expand its role in the economy with more spending on infrastructure and subsidies.
Unveiling the governments economic policy the finance minister also said the government would push for growth in the agriculture sector to bridge the disparity in regional GDP and to achieve self-sufficiency in food. rn

rnRuling UPFA government economic policy, while seeking GDP growth in the range of 6 to 8 percent, will look at a more controlled economy discouraging imports when those goods can be made locally.rn

rnThe Finance Minister told the media, at the launch of the governments economic policy framework, that emphasis will also be placed on food self-sufficiency and the modernization of agriculture. rn

rnPolicies of empowering the poor through developing the agriculture sector, reforming state enterprises, more state investment in to infrastructure and an efficient tax administration are the cornerstones of the government economic strategy.rn

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