Govt opens accounts to facilitate cash donations for disaster victims


Finance Ministry Press Release: As inquiries are being received from the local and foreign donors to contribute in cash to the recent natural disaster relief activities, the government has opened special bank accounts to facilitate such cash donations.

Those who are willing to make their donations in foreign currencies are kindly requested to remit their donations to one of the following account numbers maintained at the Sampath Bank PLC under the SWIFT code: BSAMLKLX

Type of Foreign Currency Sampath bank Account Number
1 United States Dollar 5029 6000 2000
2 United Kingdom Pound 5029 6100 2000
3 Japanese Yen 5029 6400 2000
4 Australian Dollar 5029 6600 2000
5 Euro 5029 6900 2000


The Government will utilize all such donations received, for the rehabilitation of the properties of the disaster victims.

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