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Govt will send MCC agreement to Parliament once it is signed: US Embassy

Nov 01, 2019 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Parliament will have ample opportunity to review the MCC grant assistance agreement once the agreement is signed, US Embassy said in a statement on Friday.

The Embassy added that during that review period, the Government of Sri Lanka will develop plans to implement the grant assistance agreement and design projects to improve transportation and land administration.

“Consistent with the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s worldwide policy in all partner countries, once the grant assistance agreement is signed, the Government of Sri Lanka will send it to parliament for approval,” the statement said.

“Inasmuch, Parliament will have ample opportunity to review the grant assistance agreement. Parliamentary review and approval are required by MCC to ensure the grant assistance agreement has the support of the government and the people.”

According to the Embassy, this grant assistance agreement will directly benefit over 11 million Sri Lankans and meaningfully stimulate economic growth.

Releasing the statement, the Embassy also released three documents that deals with the highlights of the MCC compact, transport, and land project.


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