Graft Web

July 11, 2007 (AFP) – A grouping of companies launched Wednesday a website dedicated to collecting information about officials and governments around the world who seek bribes. The US-based Trace International, a non-profit grouping of multinational firms, said their new website will allow people or organizations to anonymously report bribe requests.

Trace said its intent is not to collect names, to deal with those who offer or pay bribes, to investigate cases or to take legal action.

The organization wants to collect information on bribe-seeking that can be compiled eventually into detailed country reports to

“shine a spotlight on trouble spots” and that companies can use to manage their risks.

“This is not a law enforcement tool,” said Michelle Gavin, a member of Trace’s administrative board.

Trace wants to “shine a light on the demand side of bribery,” she said at a news conference.

People can report bribe-seeking by filling in an online form of no more than 10 multiple-choice questions on the Bribeline site.

Gavin admitted that whatever data Bribeline collects would not be an accurate statistical representation of any genera