Healthy Bill

A new law on Intellectual Property Rights was in parliament on Friday after an initial draft met with opposition from patient rights activists.
They challenged an early draft of the Bill on grounds that it ignored concessions won on behalf of poor countries at international trade forums which allow developing countries to import medicine from cheaper sources and to even manufacture medicine in case of emergencies.rn

rnPharmaceuticals prices can make you ill, especially the prices of the imported ones that have valid patents. rn

rnBut the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) says that a new Intellectual Property Act that went through parliament recently will help put more varieties of cheaper medicines on their shelves.rn

rnThis is because the new law allows for parallel imports.rn

rnldblquote Where there is a patent for a particular product and patent holder has registered in Sri Lanka we can only import from that patent holder,
dblquote says K Kamalgoda, MD, State Pharmaceut

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