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Competition just got louder in the local telecom industry with Indian telco giant VSNL stepping up its operations in Sri Lanka.
VSNL on Monday formally launched its international data and voice services here for the corporate and retail markets.
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rnHowever, VSNL has been busy behind the scene capturing overseas voice business since last year, when the telco regulator issued an external gateway operator license. rn

rnVSNL officials say they already carry international voice calls for Dialog, Celltel, Suntel and Lanka Bell. rn

rnThe TATA company also has interconnection agreement with Sri Lanka Telecom, Dialog, Suntel, Celltell and Lanka Bell. rn

rnThe interconnection agreements effectively allow VSNL to sell international voice services to and from Sri Lanka to the customers of the local telecom networks. rn

rnVSNL officials in an earlier interview said the retail overseas voice market would be penetrated with prepaid cards. rn

rnIn February this year VSNL started transferring part of its

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