Highway Code

Mar 15, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is to keep clear land on either side of several expressways that are being planned or built where no buildings will be allowed, a senior official said. Road Development Authority director-general R W R Pemasiri said, owners of private property on either side of the expressway being built or planned will not be allowed to put up buildings.

“No development will be allowed up to 100 metres from the middle of the expressways on either side,” he said.

Sale of land along the island’s planned expressways has become big business in some parts with demand high for what are considered prime property plots close to the highways.

The island’s existing network of roads is too narrow to cope with traffic.

Pemasiri said the government has earmarked several townships for development on key parts of the planned network of new expressways but no unauthorised development would be allowed near highways.

He said Sri Lanka leads in road density in south Asia with a more dense network compared with other countries making most parts of the country accessible.

“However, we have problem of mobility – travel speed, travel time, infrastructure capa