Hitler’s globe sells for 100,000 dollars

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 13, 2007 (AFP) – A globe kept by Adolf Hitler in his Eagle’s Nest compound and retrieved from the rubble after the end of World War II sold Tuesday for 100,000 dollars to an art collector and entrepreneur.

The globe sat for 62 years in John Barsamian’s dusty attic in Oakland but now will become part of the display collection of Bob Pritikin, a former magician and hotelier.

The auction was swift and furious with bids coming via phone and the Internet, but the gavel fell within a matter of minutes.

Matt Davis, who acted as emissary to Pritikin, said he was prepared to spend up to 200,000 dollars.

The Nazi relic will join forty million dollars worth of art and collectibles in Pritikin’s mansion, the largest private estate in the city.

“It’s just one of those things you’ve got to have,” said Matt Davis, who represented Pritikin in the bidding.
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“This is an item that is respected as part of history.” .

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