Holy Battles

ldblquote The proposed legislation is a violation of human rights,
dblquote Head of the Legal Division, Centre For Policy Alternatives (CPA), Rohan Edrisinha says. rn

rnMany others warn that the Bill could lead to further communal differences in the island already divided on ethnic lines.rn

rnThe CPA is just one of the civil rights organisations mobilising support against the proposed law.rn

rnThe Catholic Bishop and Protestant groups in Sri Lanka are joining hands with organisations like the CPA, the Civil Rights Movement and the Foundation for Coexistence to lobby political leaders to veto the Bill when it comes up in Parliament.rn

rnCurrently there are two sets of proposed legislation to control people changing their religious allegiances.rn

rnThe Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), the Buddhist monk lead political party that swept into Parliament in April with nine seats, has already submitted their draft law against conversion for Parliamentary approval.rn

rnThe government proposal, called th

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