Hong Kong ranks bottom in sex frequency survey

HONG KONG, Aug 4, 2006 (AFP) – Hong Kong people have the least sex in the world, managing it less than once a week, a survey has found. “Pressures from life and the relationship of a couple will also affect sex ability,” he said, urging couples to communicate better about their love lives to enhance their satisfaction. But that may be because they derive so little satisfaction from the act, the study by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, makers of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, revealed Friday.

Residents of the southern Chinese territory have sex 3.55 times per month, almost half of the global average of 6.48 times, according to the survey of 12,500 people from 27 countries.

Brazilians spend the most time having sex: they do it 7.9 times a month with France coming second with 7.7 times and Turkey ranking third with 7.4 times.

Although Hong Kongers ranked third-lowest in sex satisfaction, they get more pleasure than Italian lovers, the Casanova nation somewhat surprisingly ranking just above Koreans at the bottom of the league table.

In contrast, Mexicans were found to get the most satisfaction from sex, with the Brazili

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