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The government has finalised tax rates for imported movies, dramas, sitcoms and commercials, with a formal announcement expected on Thursday.

Rates are likely to be 75, 000 rupees (750 dollars) for a 30 minute block that is not dubbed, going up to 90,000 rupees (900 dollars) for a dubbed half hour block.

The Teledrama, Film and Commercials levy will cover imports of all television stations as well as commercials made out of the country and imported for local telecast

All documentaries, educational dramas, movies and children’s entertainment will be exempt from the tax

Exemptions or concessions are also expected for Tamil and some English language programming. Funds collected are to be routed to develop the Sinhala film and teledrama industry.
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Sri Lanka imports largely English, Tamil and highly popular Hindi programs, with subtitles and dubbed programs common on local television stations.

-LBO Newsdesk-

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