IDD Getting Cheaper

At the moment, high termination rates for incoming calls gave the sole gateway operator – Sri Lanka Telecom – massive revenues.rn

rnThis gave an incentive to other operators to smuggle incoming calls and get a piece of the pie.rn

rnOffering gateways to all operators and the determination of interconnect rates by the regulator is expected to eliminate the incentive for illegal bypass and the erosion of incoming call revenue.rn

rnldblquote See the bypass in the telecommunication, because there are barriers to entry, people are innovating ways to supply that market segment, ldblquote says Luxman Siriwardena of the Economic Reforms Ministry.rn

rnldblquote Therefore bypasses and various other means could take place. But if you create a framework within which anybody can enter the market, and the best supplier of the services remain in the market, you can discourage these bypasses or similar arrangements.
dblquote rn

rnBecause all operators will be allowed to bring incoming minutes through their own gat