IMF Vietnam forum debates post-crisis way forward for developing Asia

HANOI, Mar 22, 2010 (LBO) – Government officials, international financial institutions and policy researchers are discussing developing Asia’s response to the global crisis and the way ahead for lower poverty and growth at a forum in Hanoi Monday. Sri Lanka’s finance secretary P B Jayasundera, Nepal’s minister of finance, Surendra Pandey and advisor to Bangladesh’s central bank governnor, Mohammad Malik Kazemi will be on a panel that will debate policies to enhance growth and reduce poverty in post-crisis Asia.


Asia has developed nations such as Japan, successful emerging economies such as Singapore and lower income countries, including countries which get IMF support.

conference organized by the International Monetary Fund and Vietnam’s central bank will also have regional economic policy research bodies and international charities giving their views.

The sessions will be addressed by IMF’s joint managing director John Lipsky, Vietnam’s central bank governor Nguyen Van Giau and president of the Japan Bank for International Co-operation.

“This is the emerging face of Asia,” says IMF Asia Pacific chief Anoop Singh.

“Now the question is how do we go forward from here.”