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Sri Lankas aid utilisation recorded an all time high of nearly US$ 1bn for 2003 and came close to forecast targets despite a politically volatile year that left the peace process in limbo.
By end December the total disbursement of grants and loans came to US$ 986 mn compared to US$ 576 mn in 2002 despite the peace process coming to a standstill followed by political uncertainty towards the end of the year. rn

rnldblquote Total disbursement of aid increased to almost one billion dollars by the end of the year in 2003 which is nearly double the previous years disbursements,
dblquote said an official at the External Resources Department.rn

rnWith peace talks stalling earlier during the year and the Norwegian facilitators pulling out of the picture in November after the Presidents takeover of three crucial Cabinet ministries, commitments to funding was on the line.rn

rnHowever, with the cease-fire continuing to hold, many donors and lending agencies continued to support prior commitments on rehabili

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