Indian navy rescues coastguard abducted on Sri Lanka trawler

NEW DELHI, December 11, 2009 (AFP) – The Indian navy on Friday rescued two coastguard personnel abducted earlier this week by Sri Lankan fishermen, a spokesman said. Navy spokesman P.V.S Satish said the two were among 14 coastguard officers who had boarded seven Sri Lankan trawlers found fishing in Indian waters on Tuesday.

They had been assigned to escort the fishing vessels to an Indian port but two of them were overpowered by the crew of one trawler which sailed away with them under the cover of darkness, he said.

“The Sri Lankan fishing vessel was located on Friday approximately 200 kilometres (124 miles) east of Chennai city and the two sailors were recovered in a carefully measured operation by Indian naval sailors,” Satish said.

He said the pair were unharmed and that “there were no civilian casualties” during the rescue mission.