Japan aid to Sri Lanka under review after truce break

Jan 15, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s largest donor Japan said it was awaiting a political solution to the island’s internal conflict and was reviewing its aid policy after the island’s government pulled out of a truce with the Tamil Tigers. . Japan’s special envoy to the war-ravaged island said his government was gravely concerned at the ending of the ceasefire since it may “prompt a military solution” to the conflict with “dire humanitarian consequences”.

He had told Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapakse that a political solution “was indispensable”.


However Akashi said aid will not be halted on one development such as a military campaign to wrest back the Tiger stronghold of Kilinochchi.

“[…] our aid programme is based on a complex consideration of various factors,” Akashi told reporters after concluding a two-day mission in the island.

“What the government does or does not do will be an important consideration. Our decision will not be based on a simple fact or a simple development.”

In addition to President Rajapakse he had met his brother Basil who was recently appointed as a member of the parliament.

He had also met the Marxist-nationalist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna which is op