Joint Decision

The Joint Business Forum(JBiz) sat on a second round of pow-wows , this time attended by religious and NGO groups, on a course of action to end the prevailing political sulks endash and decided to slap the countrys leadership with an ultimatum.
After over two hour of discussion with religious and civil society representatives, JBiz decided to deliver an ultimatum to the President and the Prime Minister currently suffering from irreconcilable differences of opinion. rn

rnThe ultimatum will set down a minimum cooperation agenda for cohabitation between the President and PM and will be formulated in the coming days by JBiz, religious leaders and civil society groups.rn

rnThe proposals will impose a January 31 deadline on the two leaders.rn

rnldblquote We have already requested the President and the PM for a joint meeting date before January 31 and this date can be set as the deadline for response to the proposals formulated by the business, religious and civil society representatives,
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