Kenya killings overshadow peace hopes

Catherine Chow, Public Relations Director – Group Marketing and Commercial Department of China Merchants Port Holdings Company (left) accepts the AFLAS award on behalf of CICT

NAIROBI, Feb 2, 2008 (AFP) – Dozens died in clashes in western Kenya, police said Saturday, shattering hopes for an accord by political rivals to make efforts to end weeks of violence. Police reported at least 47 new deaths while more accusations flew between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who claims he was robbed of the presidency in a disputed December 27 election.

The latest victims were killed with machetes and poisoned arrows in Nyanza province, many in Ainamoi, the home village of a slain opposition MP. Police fear more bodies will be found.

Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan oversaw the signing on Friday of a joint document by Kibaki and Odinga representatives. The deal marked out a joint roadmap aiming to end, within two weeks, unrest that has claimed nearly 1,000 lives since the election.

Current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the two sides to “look beyond the party lines” and warned Kenya’s image and its economy had already suffered major damage when he made a one day visit on Friday.

South African businessman Cyril Ramaphosa, who chairs the African National Congress’s Negotiating Commission, arrived to join Annan in t