Kind Courtesy

Back in 1992, Ajith Perera was at the top of his game, a Chartered Chemist and at the time, one of the handful of cricket referees and scorers with British training.
In 1992 a tree fell across his car near Reid Avenue, paralysing him below the waist and making Perera a statistic, joining the three million or so challenged people in Sri Lanka. rn

rnA lack of infrastructure that caters to the differently able has confined him and many others to their homes and dependant on someone else for most of the needs. rn

rnThis segment alone is estimated to be about half the three million differently able population who are still capable and mostly willing to put the knowledge to work.rn

rnPerera says the corporate sector has an opportunity here, a large market segment that is still untapped. rn

rnIn addition an ageing population is also putting pressure on corporates to shift their resources to cater to the immerging market segment. rn

rnWith somewhat similar needs, the differently able and the old aged