Labour Export

Asian countries producing the world migrant worker population will lobby for free labour migration at future trade negotiations with developed economies.rn
The move was proposed by the Indian deligation at the Labour Migration Ministerial Consultations for Countries of Origin in Asia held in Colombo on April 1 and 2.rn

rnTen regional delegations agreed to back the proposal as a solution to their countries labour surplus problem. rn

rnThe countries will also pursue bilateral labour quotas, including with South East Asian countries, Labour Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said. rn

rnInternational Organisation of Migration (IOM) statistics for 1995-1999 indicate that on average 2.6 million Asians left their motherland for employment in a foreign land.
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rnAround 46 per cent of this population came from South Asian countries, while South East Asia sent 50 per cent. rn

rnThe Middle East remains the popular destination, slowly however shifting west with skilled labour migrations. rn

rnSamarasinghe s

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