Lazy Stroll

lquote Nature tourism is still slim business. An expensive niche; But a steadily growing market for eco-tourism are where top hotel chains and other blue-chip conglomerates are fast putting their dollars.
An ancient drum roll away from King Kashyapas Sigiriya is a 24-acre stretch of abandoned rice paddies. Nestled into the land and overlooking a vast lake built by collected rainwater, is a luxury wetland lodge. Or soon will be. rn

rnThe inspiration to create a sweeping man made lake isnt new. Sri Lankas history is rich with tank-building kings, who captured rainwater to sustain a thriving agricultural economy. rn

rnBut as centuries passed and capitals shifted, most of the tanks fell into disrepair, and the lakes became part of the landscape of ancient cities like Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. rn

rnUntil, into the 21st century, valued more now for its aesthetic, even touristy appeal and as an ecological site for wildlife, efforts are being made to re-create and combine the two. rn