Oct 17, 2008 (LBO) – Advances in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) could help companies, especially mid-sized ones, to improve and gain competitive advantage, Sri Lankan experts say.

HP said it hopes to do more such projects to help deploy ICT effectively and efficiently in medium sized organizations.

The University of Colombo School of Computing is a centre of higher learning of computing in Sri Lanka providing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Vanguard Management Services, also the managing company of Etv, carries out around the year senior executive level or C-level events such as the ICT Forum in association with Lanka Business Report (LBR) and Lanka Business Online (LBO) business news outfits.

These forums are targeted to reach executive management professionals of leading corporates.

LBR LBO CEO Forum, CIO Forum, CFO Forum, CMO Forum, HR Forum are examples of other events C-Level Vanguard conducts. In a highly competitive business environment, medium sized businesses are relentlessly challenged by technology complexity and rapid technology obsolescence, say Ruvan Weerasinghe and Shiromi Arunatileka of the University of Colombo School of Comput