Limited Edition

The Joint Business Forum (JBiz) has asked the new government to restrict Cabinet members to 25 and Deputy Minister to 25.
The limited edition, JBiz says should be complimented with a Consultative & Advisory Committee at Ministrys with representatives from Parliament.rn

rnldblquote In recent times, number of Ministers appointed by both, the PA & UNF has grown to ridiculously unacceptable levels,
dblquote JBiz said in a statement. rn

rnCabinets consisting of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Project Ministers etc. have ranged from 70 endash 90 members of Parliament. rn

rnPortfolios have been cut and chopped simply to accommodate individuals for political reasons, resulting in disruption in the administration of many Ministries.rn

rnGoing back to history, we find that the first cabinet after independence, of Prime Minister, Late D S Senanayakes comprised of only 14 endash 16 members. rn

rnSimilar sized Cabinets were installed in office under his many successors. rn

rnIn September 1978, Late P

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