Line Master

Delays in appointing a Commission to the telecom watchdog is holding up Suntels next phase of network expansion.
Costs per line are estimated to tumble down to about US$ 200 from the above US$ 1000 levels currently, with the new network expansion. rn

rnSuntel could also tap the market for funds to foot its network expansion bill. rn

rnHowever, Suntel officials say they applied for approval in mid last year, but are yet to receive Commission approval for its project. rn

rnPolitical instability, the Government change and most of the Commission members resigning soon after have all stretched the delay. rn

rnTelecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) officials say the Telecom Act could also need tinkering which will take at least till later this year, this time due to the Governments delay in filling the vacancies for a new Director General and other key director posts. rn

rnSuntel currently hosts some 80,000 voice line customers on its network. rn

rnTelecom operator Suntel has seen its ea

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