Long Wait

Dissanayake told reporters that he would meet party leaders on Sunday 10.30 am to appraise them of the situation and take a decision thereafter whether to go for a re-poll.rn

rnldblquote The earliest we can have a fresh election is within a week,” Dissananayake said.rn

rn”We will not release the district results in respect of those two areas as well, as the final all-island result.”rn

rnHe declined to give specific reasons as to why the two districts have been singled out, instead said ldblquote there has been no reports of ballot stuffing, no ballot snatching or voter intimidation.

rnThere were unconfirmed reports that engine oil was poured into some ballot boxes, but Dissanayake declined to comment.rn

rnBefore the elections, Dissanayake warned that any rigging would lead to fresh voting that would hold up islandwide results.rn

rnPrivate election monitors have said that Fridays poll was one of the most peaceful in recent times, but reported malpractice in the North and East.rn