Lost In Translation

For instance, a simple and direct translation in Sinhalese for ldblquote save
dblquote means rescue, while there is no commonly used local term for mouse.rn

rnMicrosoft Corp., recently setup local office is booting up for a nationwide campaign to compile a glossary of terms and phrases used in daily computing.rn

rnThe proposed open process will allow all to contribute or suggest words to be included in the glossary, before being finalized. rn

rnA committee that will include local language specialists will trash out the final details of the glossary before allowing the makers of the Windows OS (operating system) to incorporate the findings into its user platforms like MS Office and other Microsoft applications. rn

rnMicrosofts Group Programme Manager Andy Abbar, says language is one of the key separators in the digital divide, most often requiring users to learn a foreign language (usually English) to be comfortable with using technology. rn

rnMicrosofts work will take vernacular languages to th

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