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Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) says it has just plugged in a Rs. 60 mn revenue seepage, which was discovered after its new US$ 20 mn billing system kicked in.
The telecom giant says around four million minutes of international inpayment calls were not billed, while nearly 3,000 customers were not sent invoices.rn

rnLucky subscribers who got off scott free, will now be billed from June onwards.rn

rnldblquote We have sought legal advice on whether we can bill these customers for their usage prior to June,
dblquote SLTs Chief Financial Officer, Nishan Fernando told journalists on Thursday.rn

rnSLTs new billing system went through technical glitches in its implementation stage, leaving over 800,000 customers chatting non-stop since last December. rn

rnThe new system includes time based itemised billing and allows subscribers to view their detail bills through SLTs website.rn

rnStarting end May, the bills have started to fly through subscribers post box in shorter three-week cycles. rn

rnldblquote The

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