Lotus Eaters

The construction sector, which is a good indicator of economic activity, has been booming over the last year. However acquiring land for development remains a bottleneck to development in the construction sector.
Experts say that freeing up and developing these lands would boost the economy while giving market-based values to the properties.rn

rnThe Beira Lake remains one of the most distinctive landmarks of Colombo city.

Its past is even more interesting having been used to various purposes, ranging from defense to concerts and theatrical events on its shores.rn

rnToday, the lake is only a shadow of its former glory.rn

rnPollution and unauthorised structures around its shores has taken away its position as a recreational destination. rn

rnHowever, a new proposal by town planners is trying to establish the Lake to its former glory. The Urban Development Authority (UDA) says the area is attractive for both commercial and recreational activities.rn

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