Medical Market

June 24, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Asiri Surgical Hospital has launched a round-the-clock emergency care service targeting expatriate Sri Lankans who have relatives in the island, an official said. Ashok Pathirage, managing director, Asiri group, said the service was aimed particularly at Sri Lankans living and working overseas who had to care for elderly parents in the island.

“This service is especially targeted at expatriates,” said Pathirage. “They can register their parents, for instance.”

“We felt there is a big vacuum in the market for emergency care services,” he told a news conference.

“Other similar services are not affiliated to any hospital. But we at Asiri, we have four hospitals and we’re building a new one. We can give a lot of benefits to anyone who registers, not only in emergency healthcare but in regular services as well.”

The Aisiri group includes Asiri Hospital, Asiri Surgical Hospital, Asiri Central and Asiri Hospital, Matara, in the south.

It is also building a 264-bed hospital in Colombo.

The new service is known as ‘Asiri Amazing Care’.

It maintains a profile or medical history of members so that staff has a better idea of patients’ con