Mind Your Manners

The Labour Minister will start a workers trade union school to change attitudes of employers and employees to foster better working relations.
Sri Lanka lost around 87,000 man-days to strikes during 2003, while a number of strikes have already taken place within the five months of this year, mostly among essential services in the public sector.rn

rnKeeping to form, when an election is around the corner farmers, unemployed graduates, Samurdhi workers, doctors, railway employees and Inland Revenue and Excise Department employees went on strike before April elections.rn

rnAfter elections employees from the Bata Shoe Company went on strike making it the first private sector strike for the year.rn

rnLabour Minister Athauda Seneviratne, hopes to arrest this tendency among Sri Lankan workers who resort to strike action as a way of solving disputes by encouraging negotiated settlements.rn

rnThe school is expected to help this negotiated settlement process by educating both employees and employers abo

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