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Aug 19, 2009 (LBO) – Mobitel, a unit of fixed access provider Sri Lanka Telecom, is offering Google’s mobile email, calendar and document reading services to its mobile subscribers in a partnership launched in Colombo Wednesday.

Leisha de Silva Chandrasena, head of Sri Lanka Telecom, said the Google service would help Sri Lanka on the road to become an “infocom and knowledge rich” society.

“Fast is better than slow,” Senn said. “Speed is everything with information.

“Mobitel is extremely fast and I traveled to Galle (in southern Sri Lanka) and I have not experienced these speeds anywhere.”

Mobitel says it is using ‘3.5G’, a high speed packet access (HSPA) platform, to deliver Google services.

“We invite you to register your name quickly before it is taken up by anyone else,” chief executive Suren Amarasekera told reporters Wednesday announcing the launch of the new service.

“When we checked a few minutes ago more than 1,000 names had been registered.”

M3Mail, the mobile mail in Google’s ‘M3Apps’ portfolio, comes with 7.3 Gigabytes of storage.

“We believe people should be able to get information wherever they are free of charge,” said Jason Senn, Google’s head of business development in

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