Mobile Medicine

Sept 12, 2007 (LBO) – A service to channel doctors via mobile phones has won an international technology and customer service award, the ICT firms that run it in Sri Lanka said. EChannelling a listed company that started a web-based medical appointment service and Sri Lanka’s largest celco, Dialog Telekom had won the Innovative Technology of the Year category at the Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards held in Hong Kong.

Dialog subscribers can access to 600 doctors in 10 hospitals through eChannelling’s centralized medical service and receive confirmation through a text message.

“The affiliation we forged with Dialog Telekom in 2002 enabled us to deploy an electronic channelling service via handsets, thus, providing Sri Lankans with instant access to medical specialists,” Sidath Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer eChannelling said in a statement.

“The service accentuates the benefits of e-commerce, a powerful tool in reaching out to consumers, and we thank Dialog for recognizing the immense potential of the eChannelling service¬Ě.

Dialog handles over 2000 appointments via eChannelling a week and has processed more than 200,000 appointments si