Money changers given more time to put up capital

Feb 20 (LBO) – Money changers who lost their license have been given a second chance by the Central Bank to continue their business.

Five money changers who lost their license have been given till February 28 to put up the extra Rs. 9 million to meet the enhanced capital of Rs. 10 million, the Central Bank’s Exchange Control Department said.

The original deadline of January 31 was met by 55 money changers, a large number of whom operate in the Fort areas of Colombo.

An official said the five money changers had requested more time, and the Central Bank had allowed them to continue in the business and given time till February 28 to meet the new capital requirement.

Money changers are only authorized to accept foreign currency in return for rupees and are not allowed to sell.

At the end of the trading day the foreign currency has to be handed over to a commercial bank.

Central Bank has authorized money changers as a supplement to the formal banking system.

-Ishara M Gamage:

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