Montero Monks

Buddhist monks launched their formal drive for Sri Lankas parliament from a historic temple town Tuesday with a vow to cleanse politics and restore “ultimate peace”.
The saffron-robed monks chanted prayers here before being driven to the islands holiest Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the Tooth, in the central town of Kandy, 112 kilometres (72 miles) away, to present their manifesto.rn

rn The all-clergy candidates from the National Heritage Party said they were invoking the power of the Buddha and his teachings to push their cause to establish a “righteous state” after the April 2 parliamentary election.rn

rn “If the Buddha is true and if the teachings of the Buddha are right, we shall have a righteous state in this country,” said monk Kotapola Amarakiththi to the chanting of “sadhoo, sadhoo” (saint) by thousands of followers.rn

rn Local laws prohibit the use of motorcades in vote campaigns, but monks said the hundreds of cars, vans and buses packed with the faithful were simply following

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