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Oct 07, 2007 (LBO) – DIMO, distributors of Mercedes Benz in Sri Lanka, says it hopes the newly introduced C-Class will revive sales but notes the increase in interest rates is a concern for the luxury vehicle market. The new C-Class known as W204, is expected to take-over from the old C-Class, the W203, as the most selling Mercedes model, Diesel and Motor Engineering company (DIMO) says.

The company plans to sell around 25 units within the next six months with the prices starting from 20 million rupees.

The new addition to Sri Lanka’s Mercedes fleet is wider and longer than its predecessors and boasts better fuel consumption and faster acceleration.

The new C-Class is not available for permit holders since its price and engine capacity is over the prescribed limit.

Mercedes dominates the Sri Lankan luxury car market with half the market share following 49 new vehicle registrations for the eight months to August this year, according to data from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV), its agents said.

But sales have been slower than last year and, despite Mercedes’ market dominance, interest rate hikes on borrowin

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