More Empathy

July 2, 2007 (LBO) – Manique Gunaratne, a visually impaired Sri Lankan professional, has a simple poem that she recites to highlight the hopes of people like her. “It takes the summer, sun and the rain, to make a garden grow
It takes the moon and twinkling stars, to make the heavens grow
It takes a wish plus lot of work, to make a dream come true
To make lives with people with disabilities, please give them employment opportunities”

Gunaratne had worked for two private companies before she experienced the shock of becoming disabled, going blind in 2000 because of a genetic disorder for which there is no cure.

She later went for rehabilitation but was rejected several times when she sought employment again.

She has come a long way since, and now works as a Junior Executive for the Employer™s Federation of Ceylon (EFC), where she has been for six years.

Gunaratne has won numerous international and local awards, including the award for the world winner of Hand for Light Study Tour, Diriya Kantha 2007.

At present she is the South Asian repr