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Your chances of finding gems are higher in Sri Lanka than anywhere else in the world, because Sri Lanka has the highest density of gems to land ratio in the world.
But at present gem mining is limited to certain areas in the country. Re-mining of the same land is exhausting resources in places like Ratnapura and Pelmadulla.rn

rnA survey conducted 17 years ago identified potential gem deposits in many other areas in the country. Untapped plantation lands however were not fully explored.rn

rnUnder a new initiative of the government these areas will now be further explored.rn

rnldblquote None of the areas has been investigated fully. What we are trying to do is to take on a few of those areas and investigate fully and have a much more reliable assessment,
dblquote says Ranjith Fernando, Secretary, Ministry of Industrial Policy.rn

rnThe study is to be carried out sometime early next year. The survey will enable the industry to meet its target of increasing production by 20 percent in

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