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May 17, 2007 (LBO) – Goldquest kingpin Vijayeswaran Vijayaratnam has financed the operation of at least two Tamil language television stations, the latest in a series of reports since the arrest of top operatives of the cult-like group said. . The Asian Tribune website said Vijayeswaran owned shares in Deepam TV of UK and another Australian Tamil language TV service.

Deepam TV, catering largely to the expatriate Tamil community, was founded by one Thuraiswamy Pathnaban together with a communications firm called United Networks, LBO learns.

Goldquest now controls the communications company which has been re-named Qi Comm Ltd. Qi Comm in turn is controlled by another Goldquest company, QI Ltd.

Sources in the UK say that Deepam TV has run into financial difficulties and Goldquest has continued to pump money especially via advertising to keep the station afloat.

However since media reports started appearing that Deepam TV was linked to Goldquest the QI advertising has ceased, viewers in the UK told LBO.

Goldquest runs a multi-level marketing scheme that has been banned in several countries after thousands of people who invested money in the hope of getting high returns lost their money.

Top operatives including Vi

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