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The telecom watchdog won the first round against Mobitel on Wednesday, when the Court Appeal rejected a stay order put forward by the cellular operator.
Mobitel Lanka Ltd sought legal recourse, after the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) asked the cellular operator to withdraw its promotional GSM offer last Friday.rn

rnThe cellular operator started trial runs for its GSM service last Tuesday, offering free calls for all subscribers who sign up during the promotional two-month period.rn

rnDuring the launch, Mobitel said a fully-fledged commercial launch was pending TRCs approval next January.rn

rnKey areas requiring approval included incoming and outgoing tariffs and monthly rentals.rn

rnCustomers who sign up, receive free outgoing calls in 11 minute blocks and free incoming throughout the promotional period (a recording will warn users that the connection will be terminated at 11 minutes. Users can repeatedly make calls for 11-minute spans throughout the promotional period). rn