Naval Outlook

Aug 29, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is looking to protect its economic
interests in the ocean with the navy playing bigger role after the end
of the ethnic war to ensure terrorism does not recur, a senior defence
official said. “Especially in an island nation like ours, the navy has an important
role to play.

“It is vital to protect our seas and our coastline to prevent arms
smuggling and infiltration by terrorists trained overseas.”

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, secretary to the defence ministry, said the navy
has to ensure protection of the coast to prevent arms smuggling and
infiltration from overseas.

Tamil Tiger supporters overseas and remnants in Sri Lanka are trying
to continue their struggle despite being militarily defeated, he said
in an address to naval troops at their main base in Trincomalee

“In future we must not allow them to raise their heads again,”
Rajapaksa said. “We must protect the gains of our victory over

“Terrorists need to smuggle arms from abroad and train fighters
overseas and infiltrate them into the island.”

Government forces ended the 30-year ethnic war in May by destroying
Tiger forces and wiping our its top leadership.

The end of the war i

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