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Sri Lanka has been selected to the 34 member Inter-governmental Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting & Reporting (ISAR) at a recent UN session.
ISAR was created by the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations in 1982, and is serviced by UNCTAD.rn

rnIt is the only inter-governmental working group devoted to accounting and auditing issues at the corporate level.rn

rnISARs mandate includes making a positive contribution to standard setting, review developments in international accounting and reporting including the work of standard setting bodies, consultation with international bodies and establishing priorities taking into account the needs of developing countries.rn

rnISARs direct contributions include the developing a methodology to integrate reporting of environmental and financial performance of an enterprise and guidelines for professional requirements for global accountants.rn

rnPresently, ISAR is studying the comparability and relevance of existing indicators o

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