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Armed with four of the best, a newcomer research company is preparing to catapult Sri Lanka into 21-century number crunching.
Independent Research, the local arm of a recently formed international partnership called Amba Outsourcing, arrived in Sri Lanka in September after checking out possibilities in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. rn

rnNow, three months later, the company is here to stay and to introduce local talent to the international culture of equity research.rn

rnThe four founding fathers of the company have over 35 years experience in investment banking in Asia coming from the top ranks from the likes of Goldman Sachs India, Deutsche Bank Asia, JP Morgan and Jardine Fleming.rn

rnOne of the four, Andrew Houston, a former MD from J P Morgan and Jardine Fleming, described Ambas work as ldblquote an equity research organisation, providing research to international companies.

rnAs an equity research provider, Independent Research works as an extension of research divisions