New Products

Oct 17, 2007 (LBO) – Software and IT educational institute OpenArc released products for business and management sectors of companies in Sri Lanka, following its 15 year anniversary celebrations. ‘Open Arc SkyBank’, is an enhanced web-based solution to enhance efficiency of merchant banks and finance companies which use online real time Integrated General Ledgers, OpenArc said in a statement.

The system is capable of tracking financial and non-financial transactions and has the ability to use Short Message Services (SMSs) to inform of any problems with the transactions.

The Enterprise Resource Integration and Management Software Solution, ‘OpenArc eRIMS’, targets small to midsize companies helping them to integrate all areas of operation within a company in to a single system.

The third product is a solution to manage company shares which serves all share management requirements throughout the share lifecycle, OpenArc says.

The system keeps track of share splits, consolidation, dividend issues, bonus issue and all the other related functionalities.

The 15 year old company specializes in merchant banking, finance and industrial software solutions.

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