Niche Market

May 12, 2010 (LBO) – An Indian business process outsourcing firm that is setting up a unit to start off-site engineering services says Sri Lanka’s evolving tertiary education system is providing it with a talent pool and costs are manageable. India’s MphasiS is planning to invest 3.5 million dollars in a Sri Lankan operation and is looking to recruit 500 people in the first year going up to 2,000 graduates over three years.

Mphasis is one of the largest BPO companies with a workforce of 33,000 and is listed on the Bombay and New York stock exchanges.

“Actually there were two selling points (to us), one was we had access to the best of the best and your educational system and where you are currently actually does a great job of filtering it,” R Elango, head of human resources at MphasiS told LBO in an interview in Colombo.

“The second was because you don’t have a highly regulated university system you actually have a lot of overseas universities that operate here that are very open to working with us to influence their curriculum.

“Which means we have greater control of the talent supply in your country (Sri Lanka) than anywhere else.”

In Sri Lanka degree awarding is a government monopoly and many graduates coming f